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    The Vampire Diaries

    Do any Berries watch The Vampire Diaries?

    Seeing the success of the OUAT thread I thought it be fun to find some Berries to discuss TVD with.

    I'm so freaking exited for it! I'm letting it tape for a bit so I can fast forward through the commercials.
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    I watch it, and I absolutely love it! But I'm only in the middle of Season 4-got a bit of catching up to do!
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    Seen the first episode of season 5 !! have the seasons on dvd !!
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    I had to many things recording at the same time last night so TVD got nixed, I have to wait till it replays tomorrow. I watched the Originals last night though, looks like it should be good. I'm actually more excited for the Originals, I think the vamp diaries is repeating the same plot over and over, so I hope they have something new in store.

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    I love that show. It is one my favorites. I really enjoyed the premiere of season 5, as well as the premiere of The Originals.

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