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    Soft, longish boy name.

    Good Morning All
    I am thinking about trying to make a boy name combo that will honor a family member, Ted. I would like to use Ted in the middle name spot but it is very short and choppy and I haven't been able to find very many good combos. The only way I can think to make it sound nice is if I have a three syllable or more, soft boy name in the first name spot (which is lovely because soft is often the kind of name my husband and I like... most three syllable names he says are "too long" though). Below are some I have thought of... can you help me think of more?

    Malachi Ted --my favorite today
    Shiloh Ted
    Garrison Ted
    Atticus Ted (I like this first name but I fear it is just too much T)
    Aleric Ted
    Dashiell Ted (too short?)

    More ideas would be wonderful! Thanks.
    ~Proud mama to Kellen Arthur~

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    Vote for Malachi Ted.
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    Sullivan came to mind. Sullivan Ted. I like it!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I like Atticus Ted the best but I don't think it matches your criteria of a "soft" boys name. Atticus has two "t"s and a "c" in there, which make the name sound "hard".
    When I think of a soft boys name, Finnian comes to my mind. That being just an example. I would try to stay away from the letters t, k & c (unless it's a ch like in Charlie) as these tend to give the name a harder sound.

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    Heh heh, my only thought for a long soft sounding boy name was Theodore, but I see that won't work for your purposes, unless you lengthen ted of course!

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