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    Exclamation Let's talk about King!

    I've a couple set girl names that I would use to honor my grandmother if I have a daughter, but I recently realized that I have absolutely no boy names to honor her. Her first and middle name are distinctively feminine so naturally I went to her last name King. I don't LOVE it, but I have no other options beside not honoring her. She was a huge and important part in my childhood so I don't want to do that.

    I've thought of using names that mean king. The problem is there aren't a lot of names that have just king in the meaning. I've thought of Arthur, but the meaning isn't confirmed and it doesn't mean just king.

    Quoted from Behind The Name:
    "The meaning of this name is unknown. It could be derived from the Celtic elements artos "bear" combined with viros "man" or rigos "king"."

    I just don't like any of the names that mean king or something similar to it so I would probably end up using just King.

    I like two middle names and prefer king as the second middle because to me it sounds like I am announcing royalty if it's the first middle.

    Some my favorite combinations with King added on:
    Henry Elijah King
    James Alaric King
    Elijah Thomas King
    Thomas Alexander King

    The only one I think really works is Henry Elijah King.

    So on to the actual questions ...What are your general thoughts on King?

    Does it seem pretentious if you don't know that it is to honor someone?

    Any suggestions, combinations or additional advice are welcome!

    These are the boy names on my list: Sebastian, Thomas, Perseus, Walter, Michael, Conrad, Emmett, Alexander, Henry, Elijah, James, Alaric, Jeremiah, Simon, and Malcolm.

    The bolded are my favorites.
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    First of all, you have fantastic taste in names Secondly, I think that in the middle name spot (especially the second middle) no one is going to question whether you're being pretentious or not. Most people won't even know that it's there. I think it's amazingly sweet that you've chosen to honour your grandmother this way. I am, in fact, the mother of a Thomas Bradley Stiles S________, Stiles having been my Grandmother's maiden name. I don't think I'd take away from that by choosing a name similar in meaning to King. The only suggestion I would make (and only if King itself doesn't work for you or your SO) would be Kingston. I've got one of those in my Pre-K class, and he's a doll!
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    King would make an excellent middle name choice. I went to school with a guy named King (middle name Solomon), and after hearing the name on him for so long it just doesn't feel that strange to me. He was a great guy. I vote to keep King as is in the middle spot to honor your grandmother. Honestly, I feel like using Kingston or Kingsley or finding a name that means "king" gets rid of the family connection.
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    Thank you! I'm so picky with boy names and an over-thinker so it take forever to find names I love.

    I worry because I just don't like the male variant of her name. I love the girl names I picked to honor her so much so it feels like a let-down because I can't figure out a boys name. I really want it to be a direct connection because I plan to use her middle name and a longer version of her first name if I had a daughter so King is the only choice for me.


    That what I think also. Some people don't mind it, but King is directly connection to her and I prefer that. I know it's not my favorite, but I really do want to honor her because she was such a great person. She wasn't my biological grandmother, but she loved me and treated me no different than her biological grandchildren. It broke me when she passed away.
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    I agree with both PPs. I also had a very strong connection with my grandmother & want to honor her with my naming choices.

    I met a boy named King in 6th grade & went to school with him for several years. He was handsome & well liked. I am from the South, & using maiden names as first names is very common, so it didn't strike anyone as unusual. If anything, people thought it was a cool name. I see no problem with using it as a first or middle name.


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