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    Most versatile names

    I think the perfect name is one that could work for all types of people -- one that would be equally fitting for a plain person or a beautiful/handsome person, a tall person or a short person, a bookish person or a popular athlete, a princess or a tomboy, a farmer or a lawyer. So, what names do you love for their versatility?
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    These are the most versatile names that I also like. There are others (Thomas, John, etc) but they just aren't on my favorites list.


    Lily (I really think it's cute on tomboys)

    This is a fun question/exercise.
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    Solid classics like Catherine and William and Elizabeth and James -- no doubt because they're so common. Jane is both gorgeous and universal, and I think that Calla is distinctive while still being totally versatile. For boys, August and Dean are both handsome and underused.

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    @shujayra: That is a great list! I hadn't thought of Nora, but that fits the versatile criterion perfectly!

    @augusta_lee: Ooh, loving the Jane and Calla ideas!

    @judyariel: Great, extensive list! I'm glad you think Tess is a versatile name. I've been wondering how well it would fit different types of people.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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