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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Ebs- Aww, that sucks. My dorm building (I'm home now though) is more than 100 years old, and has a clunky steam heating system and very sensitive fire alarms that randomly go off a lot. Not fun in a freezing Canadian winter or the middle of the night.

    @Haley- I do but don't use it a whole lot. The character limit drives me bonkers! (What's the point of it anyway?)
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    @Haley I do but it has my last name in it so I'll pm it to you

    @Lauren it was so annoying but its not as cold as in Canada it was probably only 10 degrees or so.
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    Hi I just wanted to introduce myself-
    I'm Samantha (17) from the Mid-Atlantic... looking to be a Spanish/International Business major
    xoxo Sam
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    Hi everyone! I introduced myself on here awhile ago, then forgot about the thread since it's there are no notifications or anything on here to notify people when someone posts on a thread! That would be nice if they could add that.. Anyway, I guess I'll re-introduce myself since you guys might not remember me, but you've probably seen my comments on names and forum posts! I'm Faith and I am 16 years old, so I'm hopefully going to get my license soon! (Any words from you veterans who already have yours? ) I live in the US, but I would really love to travel more when I'm older, so I have penpals from England, Australia, and Ireland to tell me about what life is like where they live! I love writing (as you can probably tell by how much I'm rambling) and searching for new names! I want to have 4-6 children when I'm older, as I am one of three and I like it! I hope to get to know my fellow teenberries and hear about your lives! Sorry this was so long!

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    Helllloooo!!! I'm Caroline, and I'm 14. I'll be a freshman in high school this fall! I absolutely LOVE reading and writing, I love Disney, animals, and John Green (nerd fighter!), but I love theater above everything. I'm really into weird obscure bands that my friends have never heard of before (The Fratellis? The Strokes? My Chemical Romance?) and indie music. My friends joke that I live under a rock, because honestly, whenever they talk about a new song or show, I just stare at them blankly and try my hardest to look interested in the topic I know nothing about. Really, the only TV shows I avidly watch are Doctor Who and Saturday Night Live. I absolutely love England, and I'd really love to live there when I'm older, or at least spend a semester of college abroad there when the time comes.

    When people ask me what I want to do when I grow up, this is what I tell them: If this was a perfect world, I'd be a princess. If this was a fair world, I'd be an actress on Saturday Night Live. But it's neither so... whatever. I'll be a lonely lady who hoards animals in a dilapidated bungalow, I guess.

    Sorry for my rambling. So excited to start talking to y'all!!!
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    Feel free to drop me a message. I'd love to chat ♥

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