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Thread: Teenberries!

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    Hi I'm Rhiannon (Rhi), I'm 16 and studying for my A-levels at sixth form (I have no idea what they are equivalent to elsewhere xD) I live in England and have a major obsession with Harry Potter
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    Quote Originally Posted by dramagrl19 View Post
    @Chelsea: WOW! Those highlands are beautiful. Oh, I'm getting my traveling itch again..
    I can't remember if I posted on this before and I also don't have enough patience or time to look through all of the pages so I will just introduce myself again. I'm Caitlin and fourteen and from the Highlands of Scotland and I saw some of you talking about it early on in this forum so I decided to say a little something about it. I really like living here the only thing is that it's soooo far away from any good shops such as Primark or New Look which I have to travel three to four hours to get to and it's pretty cold. Also I good go to a small school with around one hundred pupils which has it good points and bad but overall I don't really mind it. I personally think it would make a great holiday destination for someone trying something new and not looking for a tan! Right now it's 16 degrees Celsius which is 61 degrees Fahrenheit so reasonably warm and the sun is trying to come out so I'm hoping it will be a nice day. Also just to clear this up because some people I know from Glasgow thought this, we don't live in mud huts, we have electricity, running water and the same technology as most people have.

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    Welcome @Caitlin! You're soooo blessed to be living in such a pretty place!!!

    And welcome, @Rhiannon!

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    (Stolen from @tabby)

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    @Tali- band! (I play alto saxophone)
    @dramagrl19- It's about to get very Canadian in here! I'm Canadian and yes, we spell it as 'colour' and 'favourite'. I live in Alberta so the following may very. Some everyday Canadian slang is: tuque, chinook (it's chinooking today, in fact!), Timmy's/Tim's (Tim Horton's), eh?, washroom (bathroom/restroom), kraft dinner (kraft macaroni and cheese), runners (running shoes/sneakers), brutal (as in"oh man! that fall was brutal!), klick (kilometer), toboggan (sled), The States (slang for the United States), pop (soda), poutine (french fries, gravy and cheese curds), pencil crayon (coloured pencil), a Cunuck (a Canadian!), rink (arena/ice rink), housecoat (bathrobe), kerfuffle (commotion, awkward situation, small problem), bunnyhug (hoodie/sweater/shirt with a hood)
    Have fun with your new education on Canadian slang!

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