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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Izzy- Haha! I will too!!!

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    Aug 2013
    @Tali- I used to get strep ALL the time, but I git my tonsils out.

    -Mattelyne "Mattie"
    Girls Top 10:
    Sonnet, Penelope, Evangeline, Maisie, Lexington, Fable, Cricket, Sailor, Seraphina, Thea

    Boys Top 10:
    Hendrix, Roarke, Castle, Stellan, Cohen, Maximum, Calvary, Atticus, Hawk, Canaan

    Guilty Pleasure-
    Boy: Kohl, Falcon, Myles, Flynnigan, Brave
    Girl: Tigerlily, Larkspur, Tinleigh, Emerson, Maddox

    teenberry, equestrian, second youngest of 9 girls
    FurMommy to Bleu the yorkie!

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    Feb 2012
    I have a question for you all should I change my username to my name or just keep it the same. I haven't like mine for a while but I have quite a few posts. I'm stuck someone help me.
    ☆Isobel★Eloise☆Matilda★Alice☆Eleanor★ Amelia☆ Elena★Mirabel☆ Felicity★Phoebe ☆Eilidh ★Rosalia☆Roisin★Azalea☆Elsa★Arabella☆ Genevieve★Elodie☆Tallulah★Ruby☆
    ☆Eamon★Tiago☆Cooper★Jack☆Jago★Flynn☆ Archer★Lincoln☆Asher★Alfie☆Taylor★Baxter ☆Finnian★Lawson☆Jasper★Lewis ★Oscar☆Fletcher★Caspian☆Miller★

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    May 2013
    @Ebony : I think you should keep your username . If you change it you need to start everything from the beggining .

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    Oct 2013
    Wow, I really just missed out on a big Sherlock discussion :P Sometimes I hate time zones...

    @Ronnie: I'd never heard of Cumbercookies. That's so adorable!

    @Ebony: I think you should keep it.

    Alice, Amélie, Audrey, Cosima, Eleanor, Isadora, Lucie, Lydia, Ophelia, Rose, Scarlett, Stella
    Alistair, Arthur, Casper, Charles, Marius, Nicolas, Oscar, Perceval, Theodore, Victor, Vincent, Xavier

    GPs: Aoife, Artemis, Arwen, Guinevere, Hecate, Iphigenia, Musichetta, Nyx, Olive, Philomena, Wendy, Xanthe, Zenobia / Cecil, Chester, Crispin, Hamish, Lucius, Lysander, Magnus, Seamus

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