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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Izzy- thanks!!! Yeah, sometimes he is kind of a potty-mouth, LOL (everyone blames Martin Freeman!) He went from "Oh, crumpets! to Oh sh*t! Haha! He is awesome. Just plain awesome. I absolutely LOVE every single second of Sherlock and I recommend it to everyone!

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    @Izzy- they seriously are called that!!! There are a few interviews when the interviewer asks him what his fans are called and he either whispers is or calls it the "Cumber Collective"! LOL!!! You should look it up. Hilarious! Someone posted something on Tumblr that said "We should be called 'Cumbercookies', and together we can make a Cumberbatch!" So there's another, more appropriate, name for us!

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    @Ronnie- What did Martin Freeman do? He was great in The Hobbit...

    I just looked up one of the interviews where the guy asks about his fan name, and he seemed kind of uncomfortable with it, which earned him some serious points with me, 'cuz most men would be thrilled to have "B!tches" named after him! I like the Cookies/Batch one the best, and also "Benediction" is up-and-coming too
    ~Izzy, looking for a new nickname
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    @Izzy- Martin is just a bit of a potty-mouth himself! Since he and Benny spend so much time together filming, Benny has picked up on some of Martin's swearing habits. LOL. Martin's not that bad for his language though, he is just a bit worse than Benedict. And he got Benedict to swear. I think the whole thing is absolutely hilarious! Yep, now Ben is as bad as Martin! (Oh crumpets!)

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    And I agree! Martin Freeman was FANTASTIC in The Hobbit!!! I do like him better as John Watson, though. John is just so innocent and charming; he is so hard not to love!!!

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