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Thread: Teenberries!

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    Mattie ( right ; ) : thanks. I recently added Winterose on my list as a middle. It just gives me a beautiful image and I love the sound of it.

    Welcome Bree :-)

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    Belle- I love it!

    To all the Sherlockians- We totally missed the chance to call ourselves Holmies! Why, Tumblr?
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    @Izzy- I agree with Cara! Benny may not be the best looking, but holy crap can he ever act!!! He has the best personality and he is a ball of sunshine in real life, but he always plays grumpy, antisocial jerks. That's just proof of how amazing his acting abilities are! He also has a voice that has been described as "a jaguar hiding in a cello", and has eyes that change colour (blue, green, grey and gold!) He is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

    @Cara- I CAN'T WAIT AT ALL!!! I'm counting down!!! I am about the biggest Sherlockian ever!!! I have seen all of the episodes about 15 times and I am planning ANOTHER marathon with my bestie when Season 3 comes out! We're going to watch every episode!!! I even got a Sherlock scarf for my birthday and I wear it every day!!!

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    @blueyorkie (sorry! I forgot your name)- Agreed! LOL that would have been FANTASTIC!!!!!

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    @Ronnie- That's a great testimony I guess I'm a little biased against him because the only interview of his I've ever seen was him calling the 3rd season of Downton Abbey "f'ing atrocious", lol. I mean, maybe it was a little, but still . I have heard he's really talented, though. He was in two different films at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, just a couple of weeks ago, which is really near me and I did want to go check him out. I'll have to go watch some more interviews to get rid of that first impression. And with this whole fanbase on NB, whose opinion I definitely respect, I'll have to go watch Sherlock too!
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