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Thread: Teenberries!

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    Jul 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    @Sarah- if you aren't, like, across the country from your parents you can get them to cook stuff for you and stick it in the freezer. My dorm, at least, has fridges and freezers for us to use. The food's fairly good though, not amazing but nothing to complain about.

    @Athena- Haha that's clever. Mmm, my mum makes great red velvet cupcakes, usually for Valentine's Day <3
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    @Lauren - Thats a fabulous idea, but I am actually across the country from my parents! Haha! My mom sent me homemade cookies in the mail the other week and they took a full week to get here. Luckily only 1 of them had gone mouldy and I could eat the rest!
    As much as I complain, it is really not that bad. I volunteer at a student run cafe on campus and so I get free delicious food there.
    My friends and I call out whenever one another are complaining about silly things by saying "First World Problems", and complaining about food is definitely one of those!

    Going to sleep now! Hoping all the teenberries had a lovely day! 30 minutes until it is October here!!!
    I'm thinking of getting a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte for the first time tomorrow since it's kind of an October thing... Anyone had one before?
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    @Sarah wow you are quite behind us its nearly 5pm October 1 here
    I feel your pain college berries I go to boarding school three hours from my parents and the food sucks and my mum refuses to give me food because I need to "watch what I eat" (thanks mum)
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    My favorite food is anything with chocolote and strawberrys . I also love salads.

    Someone please distract me . I must study biology & Ancient Greek and i dont want to

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    My favorite food is probably pizza and, yeah, chocolate. I still live at home, but my parents aren't exactly amazing cooks. Though my brother has a concussion right now and cooking is one of the only things he can do, so we've been getting a lot of fresh bed and more interesting dinners. It's like the one upside of a concussion.
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