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    Talking Help this little guy's birthday wish come true!

    There is a little boy in Massachusetts named Danny Nickerson who has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor His 6th birthday is on July 25 and Danny wants nothing more than lots of birthday cards! If you would like to send him a card just follow the link and his mailing address is posted at the bottom. This story is being shared all over the news/social media and he has been receiving cards from all over the world! You can send him gifts too, he really likes Legos as well as Nerf and Super Mario. (I bought two $5 Lego packs, one for him and one for his little brother Matthew so he doesn't feel left out) so what do you say, Berries? Can we make his wish come true? Please share!
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    This is great. A boy in my town had something similar for his 16th birthday. He received so many cards from all over the world! I know the family and they were totally blown away by everyone's kindness.

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    I think that's a brilliant idea shows there's still good in the world when your losing hope

    I think that's really sweet but I think the parents need to prof read everything including social media before letting him see there is a lot of really jerky people in the word who would send something really bad
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