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    What are your top 10 favorite songs?

    I'm dying to know what kinds of music tastes you all have I'll start by sharing my top 10 (not necessarily in order) :

    1. Me and the Moon - Something Corporate
    2. Christmas Lights - Coldplay
    3. Young at Heart - William Tell
    4. Riptide - Vance Joy
    5. Bruised - Jack's Mannequin
    6. I Know - Tom Odell
    7. Viva la Vida - Coldplay
    8. Afterlife - Arcade Fire
    9. The Mixed Tape - Jack's Mannequin
    10. Next Year - Two Door Cinema Club

    Some of these are set in stone, while others could change over time.

    So tell me, what are your top 10 favorite songs?
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    Not in any specific order:

    1. Tell Me Ma by The Chieftains (or The Chieftains and Van Morrison)
    2. Just Another Girl by The Killers
    3. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
    4. Your Number or Your Name by The Knack
    5. The World Turns All Around Her by The Byrds
    6. The Parting Glass from the Waking Ned Devine soundtrack (haven't seen the movie yet but the music is amazing )
    7. Ubi Caritas by anyone at all--my older sisters who are in a religious community sang this when they were in schola for their first few years, and I have it on a CD.
    8. Too Darn Hot by Ella Fitzgerald
    9: anything by Frank Sinatra
    10: anything Motown

    There are so many songs I love that I can't fit into ten, but these are some of my favorite songs ever--I mostly listen to Irish music, oldies, Motown, some new rock, and Ella Fitz and Frank Sinatra. Just a few of the All Time Greats!
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    I only like 6 artists. I'll do my favourite for each one, and another one on. It comes to 12, but ah well. :P

    1. Honey and the Bee- Owl City (This is my all time favourite song, the rest are in no particular order)
    2. Rainbow Veins- Owl City
    3. Brick by Boring Brick- Paramore
    4. Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)- Paramore
    5. Humble Neighbourhoods- Pink
    6. Ave Mary A- Pink
    7. Shadows- Lindsey Stirling
    8. Roundtable Rival- Lindsey Stirling
    9. My Boots- Lights
    10. Drive My Soul- Lights
    11. Catapult- Breanne Düren
    12. Who's To Blame- Breanne Düren
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    I have too many favourite songs so narrowing it down to ten was pretty hard, but here goes:

    1. Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer
    2. English Love Affair - 5 Seconds of Summer
    3. She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer
    4. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me - 5 Seconds of Summer
    5. Beethoven - Union J
    6. Lucky Ones - Union J
    7. Beautiful Life - Union J
    8. Love Is An Open Door - Frozen Soundtrack
    9. Zadok The Priest - Handel (one day I plan to walk down the aisle to this at my wedding)
    10. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson

    You can probably tell that I'm not a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer and Union J at all. *sarcasm*
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    @caritas - Wow, your taste is very different from mine! Although I do like The Killers

    @myosotis - Do you like Vanilla Twilight by Owl City? That's probably my favorite of Owl City's, although Deer in the Headlights is a close second

    @adelina_sophia - I know what you mean- I call just about every song on my ipod "one of my favorite songs" so it was hard for me, too! And gee, 5 Seconds of Summer is really starting to gain popularity, I've noticed. I guess because of their link to One Direction? Union J I've heard of but I don't think they're as popular in the US.
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