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    Help!!? Is this early pregnancy symptoms?

    Soo, im on cycle day 18 and have ovulation symptoms which is strange... Normally have a 26 day cycle. I have discharge, sore boobs, some mild cramping etc but my period is due in 8 days so it might be coming early?

    I have felt nauseus today also but i feel like it all in my head because im hoping im pregnant... Im also 9 dpo (unsure if this is extremely correct) i went by my CM... 6dpo if i go by my period app. is it possible to ovulate on day 18? Or could this be early pregnancy or early period signs?

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    I guess the easiest way to tell is just to wait? I know that's probably not what you want to hear, but at this stage it's probably way too early to tell without any actual medical evaluation. You know your body better than anyone else, but getting cramps a few days earlier than your period and feeling nauseous around that time of the month actually aren't that uncommon. You could just be having a short cycle this month. For your sake though, I hope you are pregnant; you seem very excited! My advice would be to relax for a few days, and if you period doesn't come within a reasonable amount of time, maybe then schedule a doctor's appointment to see what's up. Best of luck!
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    Thank you. It might be all in my head i guess! Yes i am very excited!! Iv decided im going to wait to test till the day of my period x

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    they were meant to be smileys haha

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