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    Wink Anybody plaing High School Story?!

    I have a school on both devices, and use this website to find names for my classmates. I am constantly changing my roster. Any other players want to talk here? I could use some friend, too... if you want I'll mention my gamecenter name. : )
    Teenager★Christian★Taurus★Ravenclaw★Year of the Rabbit

    Fan of: Legend of Zelda ★ Harry Potter ★ Divergent ★ Lord of the Rings

    Favourite Girl Names: Caitlin♥Susannah♥Lilly♥Clarinda♥Josephine Logan♥Mariella

    Favourite Boy Names:
    Jaxon♥Blade♥Bailey♥ Topher♥Will♥Sasha♥Colton

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    Next to somewhere.
    I used to, but I got rid of it because I had too many quests going on at once.
    I'm a teenberry, a Christian, and a bookworm.
    Finn*John "Johnkin"*Dean*Colin*Cove*Avery*Absalom*Sam*Ki rby
    Elsa "Elsie* Mireille*Wilhelmina*Xandra*Virginia*Charlie*Agnes* Saoirse*Alice*Euphrosyne.[/CENTER]

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    Yep. I have three homecoming kings! I am level 8 on my current iPhone, level 1 on my old iPhone, and level 7 on my iPad.

    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    I play, but the game hasn't let me on in a couple months. Keeps crashing right as the loading bar reaches the end.
    Not a mom, not expecting, just a teenager dreaming and a writer collecting.

    Bows: Adalyn Faith ~ Elsie Adeline ~ Iris Magdelen ~ Lila Romilly ~ Leonor ? ~ Maeve Tallulah ~ Sadie Caroline

    Beaus: Archer Murray ~ Carter James ~ Jasper James ~ Nolan Christopher ~ Ronan August ~ Ryder Matthias ~ Torin Matthias

    Name of the Week: Leda Persephone

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