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Thread: Teenberries!

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    Any Albertans? (Canada)

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    @jasmine.lee I love Laura Marling! Ghosts That Broke My Heart is my favourite song of the moment!

    I just love music in general. I just can't stand certain rappers, but other than that I will listen to anything!
    Some favourites are Augustana, La Rocca, Matt Nathanson, Regina Spektor, and Daphne Loves Derby.

    Anyone have any good ideas for Halloween costumes? I can't come up with anything too clever yet.

    I hope everyone had/is having a lovely Sunday! It's 6:37 here, and I came second in my Longboat Race today!
    Pretty soon I'm going to chill out and watch a movie with my floor mates!
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    Cool. I have been meaning to check that show out. I don't really watch British shows either. My best friend just recently introduced me to Sherlock and got me obsessed! Guilty! Lol.
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but you live in Australia? That is one of my dream places! My #1 want is to scuba in the Great Barrier Reef! What's it like in Australia?
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    @Ronnie - Actually I live in America, in Washington State. Sometimes I use the abbreviation WA, which you might have mistaken for Western Australia. ebenezer.scrouge (Ebs) lives in Australia though, you might want to ask her more about it.
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    Ok, awesome! Thanks for clearing that up!
    I have a question for everyone: What is your favourite movie and why?

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