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Thread: Teenberries!

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    I'm not sure we have Teachers' Day in Canada either.

    Went back to school yesterday. It feels like we have a whole week of first days every semester, since I have different classes each day. So not too busy yet.

    @Theodora- Aww, hope you feel better soon!
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    @emiliana, I'm not sure but its a huge thing for students (and Teachers of course!) We even have a public holiday just for Teacher's Day. Every school would have a Teacher's Day celebration before the actual holiday and there'll be performances from students and teachers. Pretty much everyone will bring gifts and cards for their teachers and most would visit their previous school after early dismissal at 12!

    It's really fun I think we should appreciate our teachers more!

    I'm sure you did great for the performances but you tried your best for the bio test!

    @theodora, Get well soon!
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    That's so nice! I wish we did that. Not that it matters now; I'm in college and I feel like I dismiss early almost every single day which is insanely awesome. And this week, since I'm between jobs, I haven't had to work. My first week off since sophomore year of high school! I get to sit at home and watch Dr. Phil and it feels grrrreeaaattttt.
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    I'm not feeling great about Nameberry right now, if I'm to be honest. Most people are still nice on here, but I've noticed more and more trolls, arguments, and attacks. I guess you could say the site's slowly deteriorating...sorry if this comes off as melodramatic. I need to vent.

    In better news, my book club is (I think) on the 21st! I can't wait, lol.

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    I understand what you mean @raevynstar, but just ignore the trolls and they'll go away eventually (is therealellendegenerus gone yet?).
    Do you know what books you'll be reading in your book club?

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