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Thread: Teenberries!

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    Nov 2013
    Ugh, it's still winter down here. It was getting warmer for a while, but now it's gotten colder again. I really can't wait till spring and I *almost* wish it was summer. Which is saying something because I hate summer sometimes. Way too hot and way too humid. Although the rain is nice.

    This is my fifth week back at school and all my teachers have decided to give us like a squillion assignments to do (that's a slight over exaggeration but not by much), all due around the same time and I, being the procrastinator I am, haven't done any. So there will be lots of assignment writing (and assignment procrastinating) to do this week. Yay .

    Also, happy 21st @jess0044!!!
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    @ jess004: Happy birthday!
    @ cheshirekat: It feels like winter already over here, we got thunder storms and lightning this morning, and I've taken to wearing long sleeved tops and jeans - I want summer back!
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    The amateur/youth film festival I was coordinator for was last Friday. It went pretty well, everyone had fun and turnout was better than expected. And now I'm officially free for the next three weeks or so!

    @Jess- Congrats, Happy Belated Birthday!

    @chicamerlin- I know what you mean. I love being able to do whatever I want, to have all the time in the world to read and poke around online and while away.

    @cheshirekat- I'm guessing you're in Australia? Don't complain about winter until you've lived through a brutal, freezing Canadian winter! The past winter was a killer, temperatures constantly below -10 and lots of snow. Of course, it's summer right now but in winter we regularly go weeks without the temperature going above 0, and you don't see green grass for months until there are times I feel I can barely remember what it looks like! Wet feet/everything else and transit delays due to snow, ugh. Not fun.

    Then again, I'd go bonkers if I had to deal with Australian summers with their 40 degree+ temperatures and hot sun constantly beating down. So I guess we all experience unpleasant weather...
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    @bonfireazelea - yeah I'm Aussie and no, I definitely can't complain . I have had one or two winters in Europe (Germany), there was one where it was one of the coldest on record (I think) and some of our flights were delayed by 6 hours because of snow. I think one day it was -16 degrees? I might have forgotten the exact number but it was freezing. Everyone was complaining about the snow and my brother and I had like 10 layers on and were jumping around saying "It's snowing! OMG It's actually snowing!!! (we have never gotten snow where we live but it does snow in Australia!!). I really love snow, no matter how cold and wet it is

    Where I live the average temp for summer is consistently around 27-30 degrees Celsius (about 80-86 Fahrenheit) which is bearable if it's dry but it is always sooooooo humid, which is horrible and sweaty and eugh. It also means that we'll get a week of super hot, super humid weather and then three days of really heavy rain/thunderstorms. It usually floods once a year, which is fun, because the school has to evacuate .

    Anyway, sorry about the novel post on weather
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    @Kat yes! We've had a few really warm days but today was cold and windy. I've never actually seen snow before as it doesn't snow where I'm from and I've only been to Bali and Malaysia as well as Singapore for a day during Summer.
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