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Thread: Teenberries!

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    @Tali- I do have Twitter but I mostly use it to read and retweet news articles, it's more of a "professional" account. If you ever get Facebook though, tell me
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    Adeline, I also have a week until break is over but I had this week half days school on afternoon so it didnt as whole for me. Believe me it's a pretty dull start for me too lol. An accident? Are you alright?

    Welcome Olympia!

    Anyone of you have an instagram account?
    Mine is @basogreece if anyone wants to follow me :-)
    Apologies for the late reply, I've been catching up on homework that I forgot to do when I got it. The Easter Holidays for me actually end next Sunday – my school is known for having long holidays. I went to the hospital because I had a nosebleed which was lasting longer than usual, and I was also losing a lot of blood. The nurses said that this was normal and nothing to worry about, although I panicked because I've never had one like this before. (Don't worry; I don't usually go to hospital whenever I have something minor like a nosebleed!) I'm OK now, thanks for asking.

    Welcome to the thread, Olympia!
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    Ah I'm sorry I haven't been on in so long! I've had volleyball club plus end-of-year testing and have not had a lot of time for the Internet

    @Lauren - I promise to tell you when I have the time to make a Facebook page, lol.

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    Hi there fellow teenberries
    I'm new to nameberry, but I've been reading some of the name posts for a while.
    I'm Natasha and I'm 15 from the UK
    name-obsessed teenager with only hypothetical, fully-named children


    marina genevieve priya, theo alexander milun, anna romilly ?
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    Oh and I wanted to say… that I've been stalking you guys for a quick sec. I'm Nathalie, eighteen, a junior (grade 11) in high school. I kinda want to get knocked up for the pure process and joy of naming my child. But I guess society says I'm to young? In the late 1800's and early 1900's it was totally acceptable to be married at age 14 and have a ton of babies. Why not now? I don't know.

    I kid, I kid, though.. kinda not really, lol.

    Anyway, hit me up (well actually you can't really 'hit me') but you know I'm a social beautifully who just sits all day on the computer. Yay!

    Nice meeting you all!
    punctuality is a virtue of the lonely.

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