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Thread: Teenberries!

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    Welcome to all the new berries in this thread! I'am sure you would love it here!

    Well my official Easter Break has started & I can finally relax a bit before the countdown for the finals.

    Wish a great week everyone :-)

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    Ahh Belle, you're so lucky! Mine was two weeks ago. For me, AP and IB testing is coming up in May, so let the study marathon begin!
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    Welcome to all the new berries!

    Finally finished with my exams- and my first year of university! Oh my goodness, the time has passed so quickly. Now I'm just tying up a few loose ends and waiting for end-of-semester assignments to be returned... by next week I should be home and get to see my family and old friends again

    @Belle- Nice! Any fun plans for Easter break?

    @Tay- Good luck with the exams! I totally understand what that's like... I only wrote 2 AP exams, but the plays my drama class were putting on was actually the same day as one of them, and we were in rehearsals until like 8 pm for a few days leading up to it, all on top of regular schoolwork! But it feels so rewarding when you've done it and you're like wow, I actually managed that! (Bonus: learning to take timed exams and write fast pays off BIG time in university)
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    Tay : Dont be jealous . I will be mostly study on my break My finals are in May/June .

    Azalea : Not really fun . We will be just my family on the Easter . I will be mostly study and maybe go out with some of my friends . Your exams are over ? You are lucky ! Mine are on May/June . Have a great time with your family !

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