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Thread: Teenberries!

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    The land of weird and wonderful weather.
    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    @Adelina : rehersal on Saturdays totally sucks . I remember when i needed to go on Saturday to replace school hours and i nearly kill the teacher
    @Azalea : Yeh , unfortunatly i dont buy anything . We sit on a cafeteria from the time we go to the mall since the time we left .
    Tell me about it! Luckily, we visited my mother's friends in London, so I was excused from rehearsals. And I find out that one of my mother's friends children is friends with a celebrity (Jack Whitehall), as they went to school together.
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    Hey guys! My name is Adeline or Addy, whichever you prefer. I am a 13 year old 8th grader. I'm a long time lurker here at nameberry and finally got the guts to make an account a few months ago. I am super shy when I first meet people. Literally, I'm so shy that after I tell someone my name I have no idea what to say and usually end up slowly drifting away from them. But, once you get to know me I am super outgoing. I am known to be the jokester of my friends. I love the color orange. My hobbies are musical theater (currently in Beauty and the Beast... performance in 2 days!), eating egg rolls, wearing converse, and most of my time is now spent on either Pinterest or here on Nameberry.

    My most favorite thing in the world is my French horn named François. I literally practice him for hours a day and spend my lunch period in the band room. I just feel like I can express my self the best through my music. My favorite band is The Beatles and my favorite solo artist is Ed Sheeran, but my fave song is Come On Eileen. I dream of becoming a Professor of Music Education.

    I really like the idea of connecting with other teenberries! Makes me feel like less of a name freak and more of a name lover.
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    Hi Adeline and welcome to the Teenberry thread! You honestly sound so much like me! I'm a total instrument nut (I've got a clarinet named Georgia), Pinterest addict and name lover :P I can PM you my Pinterest account if you want to connect with me there and stuff, I am kind of obsessed with Pinterest

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    Oh, hey again Tali! Busy busy as usual? How on earth do you have time for music AND volleyball (I know friends who did music, and sports, in high school- each one takes up so much time) on top of schoolwork? No wonder you're not on here much! I've always kept pretty busy but some people's schedules make me feel lazy and unproductive. (People say that about mine too though, haha.) I feel like it seems easier/more doable when it's our own life rather than hearing about someone else's.

    Welcome, Adeline! François- with the accent- that's perfect for a French horn.
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    You know how I earlier said I suck at bio well apparently I don't I got 82% in my test with out understanding anything.
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