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Thread: Teenberries!

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    OMG yeah Tali that's so exciting!! My boyfriend and I had our first kiss around 1 1/4 months (like 2 weeks ago) and it was super exciting (and at homecoming during a slow song romantic ) anyways I'm happy for you!!


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    Congrats Tali !! I truly understand your excitiment

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    @Catalina- congratulations! That's so exciting!

    So I have a predicament, and I'd appreciate it if one of you could help me out...
    A few months ago I asked one of my friends to set me up because I was sick of being single. After a while, I assumed she had either forgotten or hadn't found someone. Buuuut today she told me that there was someone she wanted me to meet. And when she told me who it was I wasn't exited at all.
    The guy is somebody I'm Facebook friends with, and we've talked before. I was NOT attracted to him, and there never was a great vibe. He asked me to lunch before, and I said no.
    The issue is, my friend said he was all excited after hearing about me (extreme guilt) and he keeps asking when we get to meet. (SIGH) I'm willing to meet but I'm not excited and I'm afraid that It's going to be obvious.
    I realize I've asked for it, but now I'm regretting it. GAH.
    Anyone have any advice?

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    Aw, thank you guys!

    @Athena - I think the best thing you could do in this situation would be to keep an open mind and try to at least enjoy it. My friends set me up on a date with a guy (who is now my boyfriend) and I was convinced that I would hate it and hate him and that night would be 2 hours I would never get back, but really it turned out the opposite of that and we totally hit it off.

    So my advice (which may not assist you at all) is to be optimistic and it's okay if it doesn't turn out okay.

    Hope that helped (it probably didn't)!

    -Tali <3

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    Awwe Tali, that's so sweet!!
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