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Thread: Teenberries!

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    May 2013
    Hi all!!!

    Welcome Haley :-)

    On school uniforms, Iam glad i'am not forced to wear!! We pretty much wear anything we like. From jean shorts to dresses etc.

    I also hate make-up. I really dont wear anything. Not even in special occasion. I don't hate them, just I don't care about them. My mom is a make up artist so she really try to force me to wear :-)

    Question : if you could in what country (city etc) you would choose to live? Although I love the country I live I would die to live N.Y. !it's a huge dream of mine!!

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    Welcome Haley!

    My school doesn't have uniforms either, and there isn't a strict dress code (we're allowed to wear shorts and tank tops if it's 35° outside, which is great)

    @Ronnie: Awesome! What are some of your favorite songs of theirs? IMO, Bohemian Rhapsody is the most amazing song ever written.

    @Belle: I'd live in London. I fell in love with that city when I first went there, and there's so much to do! It also has West End, which is great when you're addicted to musicals. Otherwise, my second choice would be Florence or Rome, because those are two amazing cities in a gorgeous country (with the best gelato in the world)

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    @Belle your mum is a make up artist! That's pretty cool.

    I would love to live in Mauritius, Thailand or the Galapagos Islands.

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    I'd want to live in NYC too! I'm planning on going to either Columbia or NYU (lol NYU is x100 more likely) , and I can't wait to be there! I also want to live in Paris for a year during college, and I would also love to live in the countryside of England or France

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    My mom is a hairdresser actually but she does makeup too.

    I love all this places!!! England is another country I would love to go!! And Rome, Paris, Thailand ... Yes, I have a huge list :-P

    I would LOVE to study abroad after high school but I don't think this is possible for me.

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