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  • Stella Marina Hall

    11 33.33%
  • Stella Evelina Hall

    4 12.12%
  • Stella Emery Hall

    4 12.12%
  • Stella Evelyn Hall

    13 39.39%
  • Stella Marine Hall

    1 3.03%
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    Middle name for our first baby, Stella

    We are expecting our first child, a girl, in mid october. We decided on the first name Stella but we are stuck on which middle name to pick.

    We like 3 syllable middle names as well as names that end in -ina. For reference, our last name is similar to Hall.

    Here are some of our top options:

    Stella Marina Hall
    Stella Evelina Hall
    Stella Emery Hall
    Stella Evelyn Hall
    Stella Marine Hall

    Any favorites? Thanks!

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    Love Stella! It's beautiful and sassy!

    I voted for Stella Marina, and Stella Evelyn was a close second choice.

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    Stella Evelyn is gorgeous!
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    I voted for Stella Evelyn but I think Stella Mariana would be better instead of Marina
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    Stella Marina is gorgeous.
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