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    girl name - sadie vs sarina vs sienna

    we are debating. we have loved sadie and it's been our first choice for a while now but we have 2 issues. first, is it too nicknamey and not sophisticated enough to be an adult name. 2nd, is it too popular right now?

    we have also thought about sarina. we like that spelling much better than serena. my hangup is that i dont really like serena williams and i also think people will always try to spell it serena instead of sarina.

    we like sienna or actually siena is preferred but our last name is a color so that might not work great.

    any input would be really helpful.


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    Sadie is lovely, and very wearable for an adult. People will see past any nicknamey issues quicker than you can imagine. I wldn't worry about it. You could always go with the original Sarah, but Sadie is much prettier and far less common

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    Sadie is my favorite by far of your 3 options! I think it's charming and spunky, but easily wearable on an adult
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    Prefer unusual names -> Sarina.

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    I totally get your hang-ups on Sadie (too nicknamey and not sophisticated) as I entirely agree. I love the above suggestion of Sarah, and I also really like Serena, but if you don't like that spelling, I would choose a new name altogether. I'm not a fan of Siena at all. Are there any other names on your list?

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