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    Are these too similar for potential siblings?

    I've been worrying about the similarities with three of my top names since I discovered they were all at the top of my list, and I wanted to run it by all of you.

    So the question is, my top names, for a boy and a girl, are Emerson (possible nn Emory) and Elodie "Ellie". I try to stay away from sibling names that start with the same letter, but I absolutely love those two. My second girl's name, Amelie, obviously has elements in common with both.

    So, for a son and two daughters, are Emerson, Elodie "Ellie", & Amelie too similar a sibset?
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    While I don't generally like alliterative sibsets, I think Emerson and Elodie are nice together. And Emerson and Amelie are obviously okay. But I don't really like the three together if Elodie will go by "Ellie" a lot. Ellie and Amelie are just too similar for me. In fact, I think "Ellie" is an acceptable nickname for Amelie. Emory and Amelie are also too similar.

    I really like Elodie and Amelie together if they go by their full names.

    Also, I know you didn't ask, but I'm not sure Emory is a very intuitive nickname for Emerson.
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    I like Emerson with Amelie for sure. Not crazy about Emery for a nn, I would just use the full name. I like Emerson with Elodie/Ellie too, but with Amelie is better.

    Amelie with Ellie is too close imo, but it is probably fine to use Amelie with Elodie.
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    I don't think they're too similar sounding at all. I love the nickname Emory and Ellie, and with Amelie as a sister, they flow so well together!
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    Emerson and Ellie aren't too close. Amelie and Ellie, however, are too close for my taste.
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