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    The only was to enhance your chances of conceiving multiples is to take fertility medication. There's literally nothing else you can do. There are other factors that mean you're more likely to carry twins - being of "advanced maternal age" (i.e. older than 35) and having a history of twins in your family (on your mother's side). But that's it. By the way, I certainly wouldn't try to conceive multiples. Even twins have a much greater risk of problems with their gestation and development than a singleton.

    Honestly, the only way you're likely to have multiples (apart from sheer chance) is if you have trouble conceiving and need to take fertility medication such as Clomid.
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    So glad I'm short and have no history of twins on my Mother's side! I definitely do NOT want twins...
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    I don't think you can really make yourself have twins. I didn't start ttc until I was 35 (had last baby at 42), was on Clomid to ttc my first and soya isoflavones for my last, had my children pretty close together, was taking Maka Root (a form of yam) to help conceive my last. My OH's family also has a history of twins and there's fraternal twins on my mum's side as well. And yet never managed twins (to my disappointment as I wanted lots of kids in a short period too). I basically ticked all the boxes and still only had 4 singletons.

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    This might help- altho it probably will only slightly help your chances- as twins are hard to come by unless in the family:
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