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    Eliana is lovely. (Perhaps suggesting some nicknames for this might win your husband over, like he could call her Elle, Ellie, Ella, Lia, Ana, etc)

    I like Eliana Rene quite a lot!

    Some other ideas to consider:


    I really love Helen. What about Helen Sophia? Elena Sophia sounds really lovely too.
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    Just came back on, and mariemama has some great ideas, love her suggestions of Helen Sophia and Elena Sophia.

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    Honestly, I am not crazy about Sophia or Eliana. Sophia is pretty, but oh so popular. I just don't care for Eliana. I prefer Elise, Elaine, Elena.

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    Eliana Rene ( this is my fave...I dont think it sounds too "ethnic" at all! Its beautiful)
    Brooke Antonette

    as far as the Sophia issue goes...

    You could Spell it Sofia? not as common...or some similar names...
    Seraphina Brynn
    Sophira Brooke(nn can still me sophie/sophia)
    Saffron Antonette
    Sonya Brynn
    Zeili Rene (prn ZAY-LEE)

    Here are some names that I think suit your guys style..

    Hannah Rene
    Abigail Faith
    Brooklyn Jade
    Georgia Liv
    Lucy Rue
    Mila Antonette
    Maia Rene
    Aveline Jane
    Violet Elise
    Emmeline Brynn

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    Just wanted to throw in that where I live Eliana is very associated with one ethnicity, so I don't think your husband's concerns are completely invalid.

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