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    Due in 10 days and hubby and I can't agree! HELP!!

    So, we are due in 10 days and have yet to agree on a name. We are both picky. I tend to love romantic names while I think my husband has to associate the name with a person he either knows or knows of (i.e. celebrity.) Ugh. I'm also a teacher so many names have been ruined for me.
    Here is what we have:

    Hubby's choice is: Sophia

    I had always liked this name but hate the popularity. Plus, I have had so many students with this name!

    My choice: Eliana or Elliana

    It is a variant of Elaine which is the name of my dearest aunt who passed away three months ago. It also means "God has answered" and we struggled 5 years to conceive. Plus, it's the only name that makes my heart jump. Hubby, however, seems to think it's too ethnic for our last name which is pretty WASP-y.

    Other names we both like but not love:

    Middle names we are considering:
    Rene (after my sister's middle name)
    Antonette or Antonietta (after my grandmother)

    Can anyone help with a combination of these names or suggest new ones that might work? I'm so worried that we won't have a name by the time she gets here! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Loooooove Elliana Rene. my cousin named her daughter Elliana and I think it's beautiful. We call her Elle and Ellie too.
    I don't think Elliana is 'ethnic' sounding at all...but maybe that's because I picture it on my Blonde blue-eyed little cousin.
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    I don't think Eliana is too ethnic nor would I associate this name with a certain ethnicity.

    Eliana Rene or Eliana Antonette/ Antonietta would be lovely as a combo.
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    I would not associate Eliana with a certain ethnicity. Hmmm.. how about the following which are other forms of Elaine?


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    PLEASE go with Eliana! Absolutely gorgeous and clearly the perfect choice for you given the significance of the name and its meaning.

    Hubby needs to snap out of it!! Would he rather have a kid that's one of 8 different Sophias in her class? Ugh. It's the NUMBER ONE most-used name in the country for goodness' sake!

    Eliana Antonette is utter brilliance. But whatever middle you choose, please get husband on board with Eliana! (If I were you, I'd be pulling the, "I'm the one carrying and birthing this child, MY opinion counts more!" card... but that's just me. )
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