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    Fennec Zachary....


    I have a very odd naming style and get criticized a lot for it...
    I have recently fallen in love with the name Fennec Zachary! nn Fenn. I have always wanted to use fennec as a name for my dog lol...but recently I started to think...hey...this has potential as a little boy name! Let me know what you think...

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    I like Zachary, but I dislike Fennec. Finnigan is similar to Fennec, and is much more usable. Plus, the nickname Finn is adorable for a boy. : )
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    I think Finian would be a better choice. Fennec is too close to finicky for me. Finian Zachary sounds nice.
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    I kinda like it!
    Isn't there a character in hunger games named Finnick or something like that though?? might get confused with it, but it's probably not a big problem. And I guess not a lot of people would know about Finnick.
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    Thanks for the suggestions...but i really dislike all of the "fin" names... . Yes I think there is a character from hunger games names Finnick...that kind of thing doesnt bother me though =)

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