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    I do not really mind Fennec, but paired as a first name with Zachary has a lot of hard C sound and it seems like their may be potential to improve the flow.
    Zachary I do not mind but I prefer Zachariah. That is very unusual, and I have unusual taste as well.
    Do you like the name Phoenix? Or Ford, Forest, Forester, Foster, Fox, Franklin, Fitzpatrick*love this, or Fitzwilliam? My Z faves are Zephyr, Zander, Zavier, and Zephaniah.

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    haha ive been told that I pair a lot of hard c's. Does Fennec Joeseph flow better?
    I prefer Zachary to Zachariah personally..
    I do like Ford (except i worry about the vehicle manufacturer association), and fox.

    My other favorite boys names at the moment are...

    Huck Wesley
    Addison Jack
    Dexter Wesley
    Abel Gray
    Buckley Whit
    Simon Wesley
    Kessler Dean
    Graham Larsen
    Jett Carter
    Harrison Wesley
    Oliver Cole
    Maddox Jack
    Todd Wesley
    Wylie Grey

    (most of the middles are family names)

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    I like it. You could call him Fox! I think the flow of Fennec Zachariah is better, but Zachary is fine.

    I also like:

    Huck Wesley
    Abel Gray
    Buckley Whit
    Simon Wesley
    Oliver Cole
    Wylie Grey
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    Caspian Wilder | Damian Sparrow | Evander Thorn | Everett Lyle Ward
    Ezra Balthasar | Gwydion Alaric Hart | Konrad Peregrine Llyr | Malachi Tristan Bjorn | Phineas Robin Blaise | Theodore Winter

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    I like it, too, and think the nicknames Fenn and Fox are adorable and I think the pairing of Fennec Zachary is fine.
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    Fennec Zachary is good on paper, but each name has a hard C making it difficult for me to fully like the combo.
    Fennec Joseph was a nice combination, but doesn't appeal to me as much as Fennec Zachary.

    As I was going through your list some names stood out to me:
    Buckley Whit - I adore this combo. Something about it strikes me as a southern gentleman.
    Kessler Dean - I love this combo as well. Sounds like a sleek, suave guy with all the right intentions and the worst of luck.
    Graham Larsen - sounds a lot like "grand larceny" which is not something to be associated with.
    Oliver Cole - sounds a bit like Urkel as in Steve Urkel from Family Matters
    just a confused teenberry.
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