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Thread: Expecting #6!

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    Expecting #6!

    My beautiful daughter Magnolia was born early June , and much to our utter disbelief, my husband and I conceived again not 2 months later. It was such a surprise to us both, partly because we weren't trying for a baby, and partly because little Magnolia is still so little. I have done the test about nine times now to be extra sure, and its official! We're in shock!

    I'm so excited to have another darling in our family, and since you lovely Berries helped me name my youngest daughter, I thought I'd share my wonderful news with you all!!!

    Baby #6 due June 2014!!!

    Name help will be much appreciated!


    Magdelayne Alice(10), Mordakai Samson Philip(8), Moses-Elijah David(5), Melisande Tallulah (3), Magnolia-Rose Coimeah Augusta (3 months), baby~6 due summer 2014!!!!

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    First Congrats.

    Then I suggest to move it to the baby forums. You will get more replys. In here they announce the births :-)

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    Congrats! I remember reading you birth announcement for Magnolia. I agree with pp about moving this to the baby name forums because you will get more replies. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by violetta_violetta View Post
    I think you mean Caoimhe...

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    Wow, does this mean a set if Irish twins?

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