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    A strong & masculine Simon?

    Hello everyone!

    I am playing with the name Simon as a first name for my son (due 12.31.13). It is a family name for me that I'd really love to use. I know it can at least be the middle name, but I would really like to use it as a first name. My husband is kind of open to the name, but doesn't think that it is masculine or strong. Can anyone think of a famous "guy's guy" named Simon? Maybe an athlete?

    Trust me; I'm not going to force a name on my husband, but since he's willing to consider it, I'd like some evidence to bolster my case.


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    Here's a list of famous men named Simon:

    Simon is a great name by the way!
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    I would say Simon Cowell (British producer) is a "guy's guy." Others: Simon LeBon (of the group Duran Duran in the 80s); Simon Gagne, professional hockey player; Simon Agoston, Olympic athlete; Simon Aspelin, professional tennis player.
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    Love the name Simon but that's my issue with it too. Seems extremely bookish (which I like). But not a manly name, ya know? To me at least
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    I think it can all depend on the middle name you pair with it.

    Simon Alexander sounds regal and masculine.

    Or something more "modern" like maybe Simon Wolf, Simon Gray, Simon Wilder, Simon Walker, Simon Wiley
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