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    I can't find one girl name that I love!

    My son's name is Bryce Ryker L*****. I have searched and searched for a girl name that I love but I can't find one anywhere. At first, I loved Charleigh but I saw such negative feedback, I also loved Eleanor until someone added a "provocative" ending to it. If my son were to be a girl his name would have been Clementine but everyone told me how relieved they were when that didn't have to be his name. I love classics like Annie and Caroline but they're a little too plain. My great aunt's name is Valley which I think is lovely but, not the one. I'm so picky Help?

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    I really like Eleanor. Or maybe Eleanora? I'd also suggest Ruby, Elena, Annora, Lucy, Alice, Luna and Stella.
    I feel your pain.... I'm also super picky about names!
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    This was me a week ago! I am due in five days. I decided I didnt love a single girls name when a few months before I could have picked ten!
    My advice - ignore the negativity unless it is truly justified. There is nothing wrong with Clementine or Eleanor, they are beautiful. Pick the name that puts a smile on your face and frankly sod everyone else! I personally dont love charleigh because I like a traditional spelling. Good luck!

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    I know of a cute little girl named Vale if that interests you.

    Love Clementine and Eleanor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of them and you should use them if they feel like the one!

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    Don't let others confuse you. Your girl will be finde with all of these names. I prefer Charlie over Charleigh and would probably still pick a long form, but it's not a bad choice. Neither are Eleanor and Clementine. Do you love one of the three? Then pick it, they're totally fine.

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