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Thread: Sadie Lorraine

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    Sadie Lorraine


    I'm looking for thoughts on the name Sadie.
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    I love the combo Sadie Lorraine. I do know of two dogs named Sadie, and you should know that you'll probably be told that for a while, but so what? I also know dogs named Sophie, Thomas, Lily, Maxine, Charley and so on. I don't love that people are just using their favorite "people names" for dogs but it's happening so I don't think any name is safe. Sadie is nicknamey but that is very of the moment right now so I don't think it will bother her in her personal or professional life later on. She'll be surrounded by many peers that also have nicknames as full names. I also really like how Lorraine is meaningful to you, and so unexpected in the middle. Beautiful choice- don't doubt it

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    Love it! I too am looking for a first name to go with Lorraine as a middle. Sadie is a good choice. Is it officially a nickname of Sarah?

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    I love the combo Sadie Lorraine !! I think Sadie is a spunky and sweet! Sadie Lorraine is a beautiful name!
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    I like Sadie. I wouldn't worry about it being the name of a dog, unless it's a dog you see all the time.
    Sadie Lorraine is a very cool combo. If you wanted Sadie as a nickname, what about:

    Personally, I think Sadie sounds nice on it's own though.
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