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Thread: Naming Villains

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    Post Naming Villains

    Howdy. I'm writing a series of young adult novels about genies. There are three villains (all human) and I need help naming them, please! There are two males and one female.

    The female I imagine is cold, calculating but also cheeky. She was once the type of girl who got whatever she wanted through manipulation, and therefore has little to no experience with real feeling or earnest intention. She does not complain or nag. She simply takes things into her own hands to see that they are done properly and to her exacting expectations. She knows how to pick her battles and thinks of the two male members of the trinity to be tiresome but necessary evils. While she is fundamental and self-righteous in her intentions to destroy the magical world of the jinn, she is not completely irrational and many of her reasons for destroying the world actually make sense...or would if they were not taken to such a ridiculous extreme. Her power is the strength of her convictions and how well she can convince others to follow her. She would never cheat in a fight. I imagine she eats the same precise meals every day in an earnest attempt to keep herself young, and has succeeded to a degree. Once-dark hair, crystalline blue eyes and thin lips. She would be about seventy years of age in the novel.

    As for the male adversaries...

    Male #1 is sky-tall, quiet, almost lethargically passive, but seems to see to the crux of things far better than the other two. He organizes his world around facts. If the facts change, so too must he. He can calculate the risks and advantages of any scenarios and holds no bias. His reason for wanting the world of the jinn to disappear is focused on the imbalance between human power and the mysterious, unexplainable power of the jinn. He wants to study it and see if it has practical uses for humans. I'm open to him being Asian of some type or African and am considering names from those regions (along with the current exception - Ezra).

    Male #2 is diminutive, volatile and expressive. He knows the heart strings to pull to elicit the response he wants to see in other people. He's ruled by fear, anger and envy. He does not need to understand things with his brain, only with his heart. He's dangerous because he can woo people to his side by corrupting their rational centers. He despises the jinn because he doesn't understand them. He has a huge inferiority complex and he's easily slighted. I'm open to him being any ethnicity and would like to consider lesser known naming groups like those from the Inuits or Mesopotamians.

    I'd really appreciate any suggestions you have!

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    For male #1:

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    I always like the traditional use of Elektra for the female antagonist's name, but it doesn't seem to fit the character you've created. I'd suggest Evangeline, but it seems too young. Possibly Vera, or Vena.

    For Male #2, I would consider Ross and Brody.

    Hope I was helpful Good luck with your story.

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