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    Boy? Henry Theodore
    Girl? Audrey Elizabeth

    Girl, girl twins? Audrey and Sylvia
    Boy,boy twins? Henry and Peter
    Girl, boy twins? Audrey and Walter

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Audrey, Margot and Sylvia
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Henry, Marco and Peter
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Audrey, Sylvia and Walter
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Audrey, Henry and Peter

    This is all without a great deal of thought!
    ~ Mother of Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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    If right now, you were to give birth, what'd you name your...

    Boy? Otto Ketan
    Girl? Georgia Aurelia

    Girl, girl twins? Clementine Winona and Matilda Eugenia
    Boy,boy twins? Alfie Leon and Amadeus Ariel
    Girl, boy twins? Paco Hart and Castiel Allegra

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Dotty Edeline, Rita Rae and Odell Nora
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Isley Thaddeus, Calvin Thurston, and Wolfie Theodore
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Tilda Calanthe, Phillipa Bronwyn and Aldo Elias
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Bastien Arlo, Claude Sanne and Ramona Ines

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    Atticus Edward "Atti"
    Isabelle Rose "Izzy"

    ♀♀ Isabelle Rose and Rosalie Imogen "Izzy and Rosa"
    ♂♂ Atticus Edward and Ezekiel Anthony "Atti and Zeke"
    ♀♂ Atticus Edward and Aurora Eve "Atti and Rori"

    ♀♀♀ Isabelle Rose, Aurora Eve and Charlotte Mae "Izzy, Rori and Lottie"
    ♂♂♂ Atticus Edward, Ezekiel Troy and Nikolai Jacob "Atti, Zeke and Nik"
    ♀♀♂ Isabelle Rose, Aurora Eve and Ezekiel Troy "Izzy, Rori and Zeke"
    ♂♂♀ Atticus Edward, Ezekiel Troy and Isabelle Rose "Atti, Zeke and Izzy"
    19 year old writer, baby name lover and avid reader!

    Top names at the moment
    Girls: Lillian Avery, Everly Grace, Isabelle Rose, Rosalie Eden, Violet Addyson & Charlotte Mae
    Boys: Theodore John, Nathaniel Troy, Masen Alexander, Logan Edward, Emmett Levi & Kainan Christopher.

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    Boy: Thaddeus Jude
    Girl: Josephina Ford

    Girl/Girl twins: Phoebe Margaret and Libby Josephine

    Boy/Boy twins: Thaddeus Jude and Canaan Ford

    Girl/ Boy twins: Libby Josephine and Thaddeus Ford

    Girl/Girl/Girl triplets: Josephina Ford, Phoebe Margaret, Libby Love

    Boy/boy/boy triplets: Thaddeus Jude, Canaan Ford, Murray Joseph

    Girl/Girl/Boy triplets: Phoebe Love, Josephina Margaret and Thaddeus Jude

    Boy/boy/girl triplets: Thaddeus Jude, Calvin Ford, and Josephina Margaret

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