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    Jun 2013
    Boy? Percy James
    Girl? Avalon Prosper

    Girl, girl twins? Eleonora Magdalena & Vera November
    Boy, boy twins? William Lawrence & Carson Noah
    Girl, boy twins? Eleonora Magdalena & William Lawrence

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Eleonora Magdalena & Vera November & Leola Ethel
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Leonidas Mercer & Prescott Wolfram & William Lawrence
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Eleonora Magdalena & Vera November & William Lawrence
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Leonidas Mercer & William Lawrence & Eleonora Magdalena
    Madison McKenzie

    Leonidas Mercer (Leos), Prescott Wolfram, William Lawrence, Abram Athens, Henry Frederic, Thomas Dresden, Aleksander Jerusalem, Christopher Holden, Jonathon Day, Vincent Rory, Louis Rial, Carson Noah

    Eleonora Magdalena, Vera November, Ivana Colette, Emilia Isobel, Alivia Marigold, Eliza Annika, Leola Ethel, Cecelia Jane, Romilly Elliana, Loretta Maeve, McKenna Addison

    Guilty Pleasures: Percy James, Avalon Prosper (Aavie)

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    Boy? Oliver James
    Girl? Elizabeth Josephine

    Girl, girl twins? Kate Annabelle & Lila Josephine
    Boy,boy twins? Jack Henry & Oliver James
    Girl, boy twins? Eliza Rose & Samuel Reid

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Kate Annabelle, Lila Josephine & Rose Madeleine
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Jack Henry, Oliver James, & Leo Maximilian
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Kate Annabelle, Isla Josephine & Jack Evander
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Jack Henry, Oliver James, & Cora Eloise
    Violet Gray
    Sad name-obsessed teenager and aspiring writer

    Current Name Crushes: August, Avery, & Flynn: Eliza, Georgiana & Dahlia

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    Boy? Edward William Basil
    Girl? Anastasia Rose " Ana "

    Girl, girl twins? Anastasia Rose " Ana " & Isabella Soleil " Bella "
    Boy,boy twins? Edward William Basil & Gideon Wolf
    Girl, boy twins? Anastasia Rose " Ana " & Theodore Hayes " Theo "

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Isabella Soleil " Bella " & Anastasia Rose " Ana " & Charlotte Gray " Charlie "
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Edward William Basil & Christian Alexander Thomas & Gideon Anthony Herne
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Anastasia Rose " Ana " & Isabella Soleil " Bella " & Theodore Hayes " Theo "
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Theodore Hayes " Theo " & Edward Basil & Anastasia Rose " Ana "

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    I love all of these names! So pretty!

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    Louie Matthias
    Clement Wright
    Malcolm Hugh
    Sylvie Beatrice
    Hermione Ruth
    Freya Winifred

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