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    As someone who suffered major name regret w/ my second (and still do), I would probably not change it at 15 months. I think Etta May is gorgeous! But I know how awful it feels when you don't love your child's name! I feel for you. I doubt she will hate her name though, it's really pretty! She will probably love having a name that's a bit different from everyone else. That said, it's your decision and you have to do what's right for you and your fam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I don't think it's your name to change anymore--your daughter is an individual and you gave her a name at birth. It belongs to her now. I think you should stop worrying about the name so much (and especially what others think of it) and just focus on giving your precious little girl a beautiful childhood.
    This. It's not your name anymore. It's her name.
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    I love this name. It seems well known, but it isn't overused. It has an old world feel which I love!
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    I went through this with my second child,i changed her name at 9 mos . We actually just call her by her Hebrew namer instead of her birth name but husband family thinks we legally changed it. So now, while the new name fits her and is pretty i often regret charging it because I feel like it was hers and would suit her so well. She is 3 now and i wish i had left it alone i think. one would judge me id probably give it back. So there is a possibility you would regret changing it. I vote for giving her a longer name. One i didn't see listed is Etienne . The new name wouldn'tneedto have etta at the end, but related would be nice.also thought if mention my daughter knows both her names and liked them both.she will answer to both.she isn't confused by it.
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    If I had a daughter tomorrow her name would be Etta... it is an amazing name and very beautiful!

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