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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisco View Post
    I think Hawthorne a perfectly accepted name, albeit unusual, and people who aren't familiar with football probably won't make the connection. I also agree that it is incredibly dashing for a MN (weird, I think of it as 'clunky' for a FN), and since it would be in the MN spot, not too many people are even going to know it.

    P.S. Did I forget to mention that I love this name? 'Cause I do : )
    I agree 100%! Hawthorn(e) is lovely and although I'm not a Hawthorn supporter (though I do have a soft spot for them), I love the name. I also like the Nathaniel Hawthorne connection. However, I'm not a fan of Hawk for a name.
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    It's a good name, but only if you're NOT a Hawthorn supporter! Otherwise, it sounds like you're obsessed fans.
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    The only combo i thought flowed well was Hugo Hawthorne Charlton... Would you consider Thorne instead as a more subtle nod to the team?
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    Thorne is a great suggestion, a not so obvious nod to them that doesn't make us seem crazy! hahah
    We would most likely use Alexander Hawthorne/Alexander Thorne as the middle names, if it was just me thinking but we are starting to go through combo's with our list so ill add both as see where we get!
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    Funny thing, Hawthorne/Hawthorn nn Hawk, is in the top ten on our list....
    My dear husband and I love the name...haven't decided with or without the E in the Hawthorn(e) yet...but Love the name...and the nn Hawk to be used with it...
    Now, we are in America...and have never heard of the Hawthorn Hawk's....(sorry?)
    But hey, I say use it! First or can call the little guy his first or middle name...or just nn him Hawk...if it is what you guy's love!
    What names were you thinking for the first name spot?

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