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    LN: Spencer

    DH: Liam Shane
    DW: Natalie Angelina "Alie"

    Birth #1- Singleton
    Girl: Lily Adelaide

    Birth #2- Triplets
    Boy: Colten Augustus
    Girl: Coralie Maud "Cora"
    Boy: Connor Henry

    Birth #3- Singleton
    Girl: Meghan Lucy

    Birth #4- Twins
    Girl: Kinslyn Juliet "Kinsey"
    Girl: Joslyn Kara "Josie"

    Birth #5- Singleton
    Girl: Tessa Chloe

    Birth #6- Singleton
    Boy: Collin Brady

    Birth #7- Quadruplets
    Girl: Charlotte Skye "Carley"
    Girl: Isabella Summer "Isla Belle"
    Boy: Wyatt Steven
    Boy: Aaron Scott

    The Family
    Liam & Alie (38/35)
    Lily (9)
    Colten/Cora & Connor (8)
    Meghan (6)
    Kinsey & Josie (5)
    Tessa (2)
    Collin (1)
    Carley/Isla Belle/Wyatt & Aaron (NB)

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