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    Name the Babies, G1 RESULTS.

    The first generation is done. I will soon come back with the second generation Here are the families that you have created.

    James Andrew & Claire Elizabeth Abbott
    Their children:
    Imogen Rosa (wanderlux)
    Magnus Edward (minisia)
    Evander Nicholas (meganlee2012 & lifesaboutmusic)
    Opal Elizabeth & Felicity Marie (heyarnold924)
    Cormac James (lifesaboutmusic)

    Michael Joseph & Amy Katherine Evans
    Their children:
    Asher Finn & August Ronan (savbav)
    Ryan Padraic (mystiquedeep)
    Clara Fiona (shanade213)
    Violet Shea (meganlee2012)
    Emmett Keane & Eliza Darby (bb)

    Angelo David & Grace Margaret Perelli
    Their children:
    Jane Violetta (bb)
    Lucy Isabelle (logicpuzzler)
    Oscar David & Henry Angelo (minisia)
    Simon Philip (shanade213)
    Ada Margaret (bb)

    Robert Paul & Vanessa May McKinley
    Their children:
    Jude Robert (savbav)
    Viviana Rose & Victoria Ivy (savbav)
    Ronan Arthur (shanade213)
    Juniper Ruby (wanderlux)
    Abel Carter (angeline)

    William Charles & Payton Laura Finnegan
    Their children:
    Avery Camille (meganlee2012)
    Parker Charles (shanade213)
    Hayden Claire (mam2321)
    Micah Owen & Addison Olivia (meganlee2012)
    Riley Elizabeth (oboeplayer1 & wanderlux)

    Eric Thomas & Melissa Rue Langdon
    Their children:
    Forrest Smith & Delphine Blake (minisia)
    Ireland Anne (meganlee2012)
    Acacia Rue (wanderlux)
    Bay Thomas (lifesaboutmusic)
    Oakley Patrick (bb)

    Do you have any favorite names out of these?
    Lovely Girls
    Ramona Juliet*Elena Ruby*Audrey Elizabeth*Miriam Elise*Poppy Melinda*Vivienne Claire*Matilda Jane*
    Iris Margareta*Phoebe Amelia*Alice Violet*Edith Willow*Charlotte Mary*Aurora Faye*Linnea Grace*

    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Nicholas*Caleb James*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Gabriel Matthew*Arthur David*Leonard Augustus*Thomas Emilio*Alexander John*Philip Benjamin*

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    Love combos Cormac James, August Ronan, and Simon Philip. Love Jude and Ireland. All around great sib-sets
    Hannah, 16. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Gryffindor, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

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    Family #1: Imogen Rosa & Cormac James
    Family #2: Asher Finn & Eliza Darby
    Family #3: Lucy Isabelle & Henry Angelo
    Family #4: Ronan Arthur & Juniper Ruby
    Family #5: Micah Owen & Riley Elizabeth
    Family #6: Ireland Anne & Bay Thomas

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