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    I think that many people will give a name negative feedback just because it's unfamiliar to them. If they've never encountered it before, it's automatically weird. I've even heard people disparage very common names (Liam, for example) as being weird and ridiculous because they had somehow never heard of them before.

    Personally, I love Betony (and Gwen)! I definitely don't think it's unusuable. Some people have just kneejerk negative reactions to less common names, which is fine! Everyone has their own preferences. Their opinions will likely change as they come to associate the name with your daughter rather than it just being some name they've never heard before.

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    Betony Gwen is fun and interesting! Sure, it's not as common as Bethany, but it's close enough that I think people will adjust to it easier than some other choices. Plus, the flower on the betony herb is very beautiful! I actually really love Betony Gwen "Betty". It's not something I'd use, but I do like it a lot, and I'd be happy to meet one.
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    I do prefer it in sound and I also like that it is uncommon but still sounds like a well-known name. I understand that most people see that as a drawback though. My other kids have common names, so Bethany is probably more suitable, but I don't want to base my decision off of that. Since DH might be on board with Betony, I'm thinking I might go with it since he usually prefers the more common choice. I do need to decide if it's worth the trouble. DS is Mick (fn Michael) and I was concerned I'd have trouble with people mishearing his name as Nick, but I've actually not had any trouble at all.

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    Bethany is much nicer. What is Betony? Sounds made up to me.
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    I much prefer Betony.

    It's an herb/flower. It's really beautiful. I love nature names though.

    I've had Betony on a possible list of middle names, but I'd never use Bethany, between the religious imagery and the increase of her being Beth (I really hate Beth) more than Betty. Betty is much cuter.

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