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Thread: B Names...

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    I actually know of a baby boy named Balthazar but that's a very distinctive pick.

    I also forgot Basil, which I like.

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    I like Boyer and Brinker. Brielle for a girl.

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    THanks for the suggestions
    @Bennettsmom, my dads middle name is Lynn. (Barry Lynn). I thought of Brooklyn for a girl as an option, but it is SO trendy compared to Jonah, and its not really my style.

    I cant do Bennett, though I like the name. My best friends dad is Bennett and i have TERRIBLE associate with the name because of that.

    But I do like Bram, (I actually like Bran too -- name from Game of Thrones).

    From the girls I like Branwen. (maybe because I love the name Winnie.) Not sure I could get my DH on board for that one.

    I wish Benjamin was not as popular because I love that it is classic like Jonah, but I know about have about 8 Ben's in my life.

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    What do you think of these names? Do they fit in with my DS



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