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    Sorry for being the Doris Downer of the thread and putting so many names on the don't-list

    Usable as first names:
    Amaris; I know an Amaris!
    Anemone; One of the more common flower names in Denmark, not a name I'd ever use myself, but I don't see a problem with it.
    Avila; I hear this and I immediately think "surname", but I do think that it could work as a first.
    Caledon; Though hestitant about using place names myself, this sounds like a "real" name to me.
    Carnelian; I love this and I love the mineral as well.
    Cinnabar; Makes me think of (the lovely) Finnbarr.
    Njord; Rising fast here in Denmark, I know several little Njord's (and a Fjord).
    Vionnet; I like the sound of it.

    Middle name department:
    Aalto; Would go for Alto myself.
    Austell; But only if one has a connection to St Austell/Austell, Georgia.
    Chapin; I like it, reminds me of Chopin.
    Chiltern; I suppose this could be used.
    Clarendon; That is a font, isn't it? but I suppose Clarendon could write his name with the type-face Clarendon on business cards etc.
    Colbran; I put it on the middle name list only because of Isabella Colbran, because 'koldbrand' is the Danish equivalent of gangrene.
    Cyan; It's alright.
    Dacre; Don't really like it, but I wouldn't say it's completely unusable.
    Darragh; I would put this on the first name list, but only if one's got a connection to Ireland.
    Eero; Ah, makes me think of Eero Saarinen.
    Elko; Prefer Elka (for a girl).
    Evodie; Sounds weird to me.
    Florizel; I know he is a Shakespeare character, but this name sounds like antidepressants.
    Gallant; I kinda like the idea of this as a middle name (for a boy).
    Japhy; Sounds more like a nickname though.
    Jubalus; Don't like it, but not terrible.
    Judicael; I think I prefer Yezekael, but Judicael is usable.
    Kathini; Don't like it, but not terrible.
    Kenzo; Again a name I would put in a nickname section, if not a nickname, I wouldn't use it unless I had some connection to Japan.
    Loveday; I really like this as a middle name.
    Magenta; I never liked the colour Magenta, but I suppose one could use it as a name.
    Meraud; This is the surname of one of my French friends.
    Nimra; Alright.
    Notus; The Greek god of the South Wind, it's alright.
    Ochre; Looks and sounds weird to me.
    Paavo; I think this might be dated in Finland, but it's a sweet name.
    Queenie and Reine; Yay to Reine (Reina), nay to Queenie.
    Quoyle; Doesn't appeal to me, but it's alright as a middle.
    Ravelin/Revelin; I really love Ravelin (reminds me of Adelin which I can't use without William).
    Rosewell; I don't like it.
    Serlo; Alright.
    Sinai; Very biblical, perhaps a little too much?
    Soutine; Sou-TIN or Sou-TEEN? I think it lose its appeal if pronounced sou-TEEN.
    Tanaquil; Tanaquil LeClercq had a rather sad faith (getting polio which paralysed her from the waist down), but was very admirable. Definitely suitable.
    Tinker; Not for me, but at least it's not as bad as Tinkerbell.
    Urthelmine; Sounds very German to me.
    Valiant; Great middle name.
    Winship; I think I prefer Winston, but it's alright I guess.

    Would personally throw right out:
    Absolute; The word absolute names me think of absolutism/autocracy which I'm very much opposed.
    Answer; Not really.
    Assisi; Excluded this because of Francis of Assisi - if one want to honour him, I think Francis would be a more obvious option.
    Beauty; Much too sugarsweet.
    Belief; Nope.
    Calm; What if the child doesn't turn out calm?
    Courage; Nope.
    Dalliance; Nope.
    Ethereal; Sugarsweet.
    Exodus; Makes me think of a very sweet Doug/Carol episode of ER, but not so sweet I would use it on a child.
    Future; Nope.
    Gaze; "Gazebind" are roll bandages in Danish.
    Glance; Sounds weird as a name because of ... other meanings.
    Glider; Nope.
    Joyous; Way too sugarsweet.
    Kimbrough; Not really.
    Kyne; Nope.
    Listener; Sugarsweet.
    Loewy; Not really.
    Lowry; No.
    Lowen; Makes me think of "lower", all I could hear when saying 'Lowen' out loud was "lower your expectations!"
    Midnight; Don't care for word names.
    Mindwell; This just sounds weird.
    Parilee; Really don't like it.
    Persia; Don't really care for place names.
    Pharaoh; That would be like calling your daughter Empress or your son Tsar (or your daughter Khaleesi, ahem) - waaaaaay to grandiose.
    Pinch; I think I would keep it as a nickname, if any.
    Pleasance; Way too sugarsweet.
    Pliny; Sounds very nicknamey.
    Preserve; Not really.
    Providence; Nope.
    Rejoice; Very sugarsweet.
    Rejoiner; Nope.
    Savory; and Sweet?
    Service; Not really.
    Sligo; Again, not here for place names.
    Solitude; Nope.
    Spaulding; Sounds weird.
    Thankful; Too sugarsweet.
    Timely; Not really.
    Tranqueline; First thought was tranquillizer.
    Truelove; Sugarsweet.
    Union; Nope.
    Upshire; I think the name very much indicates that it is a town.
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    I can see the appeal of:

    Truelove (as a middle I think it's wonderful)
    Persia (I'm tempted to add this to my list right now)
    Nimra (this is surprisingly pretty)
    Darragh (I think this is just the Irish spelling of Derick)

    Some that I think are really terrible are:

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