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    Elise is personally my favorite, it has such an elegance to it.
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    Eloise has always been a personal preference for me.
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    Ellie calls to mind girls like Elena, Eleni, Elianne/a, Elsa, Elaine, Elowen, Elora, and Elodia. Best of luck choosing a name for your babe!

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    I like Eloise and Elodie equally
    However Eloise has been a fast riser and Elodie is not in the top 1000 so Elodie is more unique

    I love the suggestions of Elsa and Elspeth

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    I dislike Elise, because it feels a bit pretentious and like a snobby school bully to me.

    I really like both Eloise and Elodie, but I feel like maybe Elodie goes better with Avia. They have a similar feel and appearance, and are both a little more unusual, and Eloise is a touch more "classic" than Avia.

    Avia Nicole and Elodie Alexandra or something. Not sure what you were considering for middles.
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