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    franklin for a girl??

    Please let me here your opinions on Franklin/Franklyn/Franqueline for a girl... I know that there are a lot of people out there who do not like BOY names on GIRLS and many people who don't appreciate any change in spelling I am all for originality but I also don't want my child to be ridiculed We have been thinking about Franklin (for girl #3) our other 2 girls have names that were typically male names as well. I am looking to see if there are any other people out there who like this, or if everyone automatically thinks GOODNESS NO!!

    Please let me know what you think. FYI: I am not a fan of Frances, Francine, or Francesca... My other thought on this name is that I can't seem to think of any other Boys names that end in the LYN sound?? so why is this name strictly MALE anyway. Any thoughts appreciated. TIA

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    I personally think it's awful for a little girl as I am friends with a man with this name so it feels middle aged masculine to me. Kristin Bell & Dax Shepard used Lincoln recently so I'm sure others will follow suit, but I dislike this style of naming. I am not as strict as some, but these types of male names in particular don't feel ready to go to the girls for me, they feel older, presidential, stuffy & manly. I can see Elliot, Everett, Emmett, ect going the way of the girl before Franklin or Lincoln despite the Lynn connection. My suggestions- Franca, Frania, Franziska, Franceline? All are super unique but more feminine and youthful sounding to my ear. If the -lin ending is what you're after Malin or Talyn or the like might appeal to you? I think there are better options out there. Honestly for me, it's not the maleness that bothers me as it could be argued that it's a surname and not gender specific, but for me the sound of it is stuffy and not girly or modern despite Frankie being a cute enough nickname and the -lin sound being a girly enough suffix. Maybe I just can't shake my personal association, but it's not just all-boy to me, it's all-man.

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    Francesca is so gorgeous! Why subject a sweet little girl to being called Franklin?

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    I don't like franklin for a girl :/

    Suggestions for unisex names:

    Of course none end in Lin or Lyn like you wanted, sorry but maybe you'll like some of these unisex name

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    I agree about it seeming like "Lincoln" like another poster said. Unfortunately, it is just a little TOO masculine. Could you tell us what your other girls are named? Maybe it would help us figure something out.

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