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Thread: Lugo?

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    Hey berries!

    Last week I walked a section of the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage that ends in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. It was a wonderful experience, and I know I'll be back one day to walk even more of it. We went through the province of Lugo (which is also a city and municipality of the same name), and it immediately jumped out at me as a name! Lugo is pronounced like Hugo but with an L and is reminiscent of Luke, Luca, Luther...thoughts? Could this be a subtle place name? Or too easily confused with Hugo/Luke? Better used as a middle name?

    Some combos that struck me -- using family names/names of significance -- are:

    Lugo Robinson Leif
    Lugo Finn Alexander
    Lugo Everett Benson
    Lugo Matthias Cloud

    Any combos that come to mind?

    Thank you!--Kay
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    I actually really like Lugo! I think there's potential for a great new place name here! I like how it is sort of a blend of Hugo and Luke/Luca. It would also make a really cool middle name! From your combos - I love Lugo Robinson Leif and Lugo Matthias Cloud
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    I like it! It's cool : ) I like Lugo Matthias Finn, and Lugo Robinson Cloud.
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    Lugo Robinson Leif is amazing. I also like Ludo, which is very similar - I think Lugo reminds me a bit of Lego, but it's very cool all the same (and lovely for the significance)

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    It conjured some negative images for me...Lug...Luggo...makes me think big dumb brute/bully...and reminds me of old cartoons I saw as a kid w/such a character. I want to like it--and probably most people won't make these associations.

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