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Thread: Archer Fraser?

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    Archer Fraser?

    We decided long ago that our baby boy would have two middle names - Fraser Forbes. Fraser is a family middle name on my side and Forbes is my maiden name. (Obviously husband gets the last name,which is also quite traditional, so it's only fair).
    HOWEVER we have since come very close to deciding on Archer as a first name (we are Brits living in the US and Archie is very popular now over the pond now, so it would give him some nn options).
    Do you think Archer Fraser Forbes sounds too rhyme-y?? Do we now need to come up with a new / better middle name to go with Archer? Of so, what?

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    I really like Archer Fraser Forbes. I know its a little rhyme-y with the 2 -er names, but I think Forbes helps to balance it out. Maybe if you think its too much, then you could switch the middles around to Forbes Fraser. The flow would also depend on the last name though.

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    The double "er" ending isn't good. You either need to change Archer or Fraser.
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