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    Middle name for Poet

    I came across the name Poet and instantly loved it! It is unique yet meaningful and there are no pronunciation or spelling issues. However, I can't seem to find middle names that go well with it. I would ideally like two middle names but have no issue with narrowing to one if that is the best option. I love unique names (greek, animals, colours etc) but I'm not convinced that these go with Poet, being unique itself. I don't like traditional names like Elizabeth, Jane, Clare etc. Any suggestions would help me a lot!

    Thanks Berries!X

    *Side note: I posted this in the Talk About Baby Names forum and only got one response so sorry for the duplicate*
    Blythe Echo Gwendolyn
    Cecily Ireland Myrtle

    Lysander James

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    (Changing my name to Zoie Willow.)

    For a future...
    Ever-so Darling Daughter:
    Opal Eleanor ~ Lavender Elaine ~ Harmony Ophelia Maude ~ Poet Aurelia Charlotte ~ India River 'Indie'

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    Poet Juneau/Poet Juno
    Poet Juno Larkin
    Poet Demarys Juno
    Poet Jay Demarys
    Poet Cypress Oleander
    Poet Ashland Malachite
    Poet Quincy Brielle
    Poet Hyacinth Aura
    Here are some names by themselves for you to weed through and see if you can make any combos:
    Lark, Robin, Raven
    Larkin, Oriol, Ashby
    Parker, Parkland or Park
    Quinlan, Quinland
    Jodelle, Jaselle, Joelle
    Soleil, Soleena, Joleena
    Inga, Ieva, Vada, Claria
    Janvier, Avril, Aubrielle, Audrielle
    Audria, August, Sedona, Brinna
    Iris, Hazel, India, Ireland, Kenya
    Cyprus, Ivory, Ebony, Ivy, Fern, Quartz
    Oak, Oaklyn, Oakley, or Oakland
    Garden, Carden, Aqua, Rosalie
    Lavender, Burgundy, Aries, Sienna
    Sierra, Aurielle, Kai, Autumn, Solstice

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    @sorceress- Thanks for responding. I do like Melisande as a name but not sure about pronunciation. The others don't fit with my style really but thanks for the input none the less!

    @zoey_walker53-Thank you for combining some of my favourite names with some new ideas! I love how you've added Waverly to the end as I never thought I'd be able to make it fit. Lilac, Lavender and Hermione are also great shouts and names that I haven't considered greatly before so thanks very much for the suggestions.

    @ashleyjuliette- Your naming style is divine! I love so many of your choices and many I hadn't heard of before which is great. Cypress and Hyacinth are beautiful and Ireland is a place name that I've loved for a long time so thanks for reigniting this spark. I am utterly in love with Oakland though! Poet Aries Oakland is amazing!
    Blythe Echo Gwendolyn
    Cecily Ireland Myrtle

    Lysander James

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