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    Middle name for Poet

    I came across the name Poet and instantly loved it! It is unique yet meaningful and there are no pronunciation or spelling issues. However, I can't seem to find middle names that go well with it. I would ideally like two middle names but have no issue with narrowing to one if that is the best option. I love unique names (greek, animals, colours etc) but I'm not convinced that these go with Poet, being unique itself. I don't like traditional names like Elizabeth, Jane, Clare etc. Any suggestions would help me a lot!

    Thanks Berries!X
    Eulalie & Lysander

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    Oh I love Poet too!
    I really like these names and think they would be lovely with Poet:
    Poet Ilta Rosalind
    Poet Jolie Primrose
    Poet Gaia Alexandrina
    Poet Thalia Primrose
    Poet Nova Cosima
    Poet Cordelia Anastasia
    Poet Scarlett Julietta

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    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I really like the names Nova, Ilta (Love this one), Primrose and Cordelia. You input has been valuable so it is appreciated. I'm going to post this in the Girls Names forum to see if I get more responses.
    Eulalie & Lysander

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