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Thread: Jobe vs Jude

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    Jobe vs Jude

    We are stuck! Jobe has always been our boy name, but we've just fallen in love with Jude.
    Which is your favourite?
    They would be too similar for siblings wouldn't they?
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    I prefer Job to Jobe and Jude to Jobe. Yes, the two names are too similar for siblings.
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    I prefer Jude to Jobe (thanks to Kobe Bryant, I would have no clue how to say Jobe. Jobe like the Bible character--Joe-b--or Jobe like Kobe--JOE-bee?)--even without the pronunciation confusion. Jude is sleek and sensitive but still strong and professional and artsy enough to be wearable on any kind of guy. Jobe... I really can't wrap my mind about it, and I just love the Biblical associations I have with Jude (although I feel like a very large percentage of people on here wouldn't care at all). I agree; Jobe and Jude are way too close for brothers. Just like I don't think I could get away with Jack and Jude for brothers, either.
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    I actually really like and prefer Jobe, but I think Jobe and Jude are too similar to be siblings.
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    I'm a little confused about the pronunciation of Jobe.
    But I think both Job and Jude are fantastic names that really grow up well.
    Not an option for a sibling set though

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