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    Pronouncing Vasilissa the Beautiful

    Or Vasilisa.. I read shr is a rare name but common in old tales. What do you think of her?

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    vah-see-lease-uh, I think (vah-see + lisa). You can find the pronunciation on Forvo. Search Василиса (it's the Russian spelling).

    It's gorgeous but it'd be mispronounced all the time.
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    I'm more familiar with the spelling as Basilissa or Basilla. She was a saint born into a Roman noble family in the 3rd century. She was beheaded because she was a Christian convert and refused to marry a pagan nobleman. I would pronounce it the same way as casilda has stated in the previous post but with a "bah" in front of it.
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    I pr. The same way as @casilda pronounced it. I think it's a gorgeous name is very similar (Vassiliki).

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